About Us

Welcome To the Skincare Refillery! Founded in Manchester by 2 skincare obsessed Beauty Therapists, Emma and Katie!

We have worked with leading spa & salon skincare brands, offering professional skin treatments for thousands of clients collectively, and consider ourselves 'skincare specialists'. We have always sought to reduce our environmental impact at home, and often been disheartened by the insistence by big-brand cosmetics on using single use plastic packaging. We love skincare products, but our increasing awareness for the plastic pollution, animal testing & the increasing concern over the ethics of some of the brands we used to love lead us to search the natural product market for skincare. 

Whilst natural skincare is available, we often found it wasn't exactly what we were looking for and were often disappointed by the results of many products that we tried. 

After years of comparing products we had tried, and searching for something that seemingly didn't exist- we made a decision. Let's make our own!

Months later, many hours of research & sleepless nights later- we have launched the skincare brand of our dreams. 

Our Vision...

We believe that skincare should be effective at it's primary purpose: 'to care for the skin' without sacrificing animal welfare or the environment. It is possible to enjoy naturally wonderful products without harming the planet and its beings. 

Who are we?

We use botanical, specialised ingredients to create beautiful skincare to use, to gift and to love. 

Sustainable & Ethical Values

100% vegan products, cruelty free & palm-free recipes, packaged in biodegradable plant based paper, glass & aluminum- even our labels are biodegradable!

Planning our storage, our packaging, our ingredients and the way we deliver our products- all had sustainable analysis and we believe we are doing the best we can right now. We would like in the future to be stocked in the many incredible refill shops developing in the UK to be able to offer a closed-loop supply nationwide of our liquid and powder based products.